Safe, Secure Baby Car Seats for Melbourne Parents

Buying the right car seat for your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make; after all, it relates to the safety of your child.

At Baby Hi5, we offer a superior range of high quality baby car seats in our Melbourne store – providing parents with plenty of choice!

From InfaSecure to Maxi Cosi car seats, we have you covered!

Baby Hi5 offers Melbourne parents the best range of quality car capsules and seats for children, from newborns through to toddlers and small children. Our best-selling brands include:

  • InfaSecure
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Nuna
  • Safety 1st

Our products are chosen with innovation, safety and functionality in mind. These brands are renowned for creating products that are not only secure – but also incredibly durable. Many of these products also convert to suit growing children, eliminating the need to purchase multiple seats as your child grows.

How do you choose the right car capsule for your baby?

The type of seat required ultimately depends on the size and weight of your child. As they grow, their needs change; therefore, you will need to acquire a vehicle capsule that meets their current needs.

There are three basic types of seats for children: capsule or rearward facing models, forward facing models, and boosters. Generally, rearward facing seats are for newborn babies, forward models suit toddlers and booster seats are designed for young children who are still too short to safety use a standard car seat.

Aside from choosing the correct sized product, it’s also imperative that you select a model that fits your car. Even the safest, most secure car capsule or booster is only as good as the way it’s fitted within the vehicle. Some models work better in certain cars; never buy a capsule that is difficult to fasten in place.

How do you know if the model you have chosen fits your car? Generally, the seat should be held tightly by the seatbelt and tethers – allowing for very little sideways movement.

If you have any questions about fitting child capsules in your car, the experts here at Baby Hi5 can provide you with advice and assistance, ensuring you choose the right one! Alongside baby capsules, we also offer furniture, baby monitors, prams and a suite of other products.

If you are looking to buy Maxi Cosi car seats in Melbourne – or any of our other reputable brands – contact our team today on (03) 9404 1376.